Pillow Talk

Posted by on Apr 3, 2014 in Blog

Pillow Talk

Have you ever slept on a speaker? Of course not, and why would you? The closest you’ve probably gotten is falling asleep in a pair of headphones, which by itself is not big deal, but if you’ve kids, then it’s probably not something you’ll want to make a habit of.

In a world before SpeakerWrap, there wasn’t a speaker you could sleep on, at least not comfortably. And now, you can enjoy a perfectly designed audio experience right through your favorite pillow! Close proximity audio ensures that volume levels will be so low, that even your partner won’t know what you’re listening to, while you’re enjoying a full spectrum of audio, right from your pillow. And if one of the kids needs your attention, your ears are available to receive the call!

Due to the SpeakerWrap PillowPad™ size, flexibility and direct projection technology (DPT), you’ll be able to slip the PillowPad™ under your pillow, but inside the pillowcase, for a highly personal audio experience. Bluetooth technology gets the audio from your TV, smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other audio source, and the wireless PillowPad does the rest. We recommend putting your audio source on a timer, because once you experience the deep comfort of your PillowPad™, you won’t want to move.

Now that’s what we call real pillow talk!

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